What's important for me
I design websites and apps, develop on Tilda, help businesses grow in the digital space
ux/uı designer
I work only under a contract, so my clients and I feel more safe and comfortable because we know our rights and obligations.
My clients like to talk to me on a first-name basis. I respond to any questions using easy-to-follow language and try to help.
I never fail to meet deadlines. At the beginning of cooperation I send a timeline with deadlines for each stage.
It is important for me to convey the value and personality of the product, I always dive deep into the topic of the project.
Ksenia gamaiunova
My favorite projects
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Creating a design
Creating a design
Creating a design
Creating a design
Creating a design
Creating a design
Development on Tilda
Development on Tilda
Development on Tilda
Development on Tilda
Development on Tilda
Development on Tilda
Development on Tilda
Website for a cosmetics brand
Website for a cognitive psychologist from Italy
Website for a Turkish language teacher
Non-profit project about the earthquake in Turkey
Launching soon
Website for an event producer
There could be your site
Website for online Spanish language school
Website for hiking tours in Turkey
How the workflow goes
We'll talk, discuss the task, and then agree on the terms and cost, sign the contract.
I analyze competitors and based on the data create the structure of the site. This will make the site user-friendly.
Determine the mood of the future site — what visual techniques, metaphor, fonts, palette will be used.
First I'll make a couple of choices for the first screen, and you choose the one that's best for you. After that, I'll start making the entire site.
I move the design to Tilda, make up a desktop version, adapt to all devices, connect all the settings to make the site work correctly.
After handing over the site I do not leave you, for a certain time (depending on the selected tariff) will be there and help free of charge with any problem or question that arose. Don't hesitate to contact me!
Design rehearsal, using a prototype to show how the blocks would look in black and white. Here we focus on logic and text.
My services
Langing page
UX/UI design
Corporate website
The cost of the project is always calculated individually, but to understand whether we are a good match or not, here are approximate prices:
I will develop a site on Tilda with a simple structure, where all the information is on one page. It's perfect if you want to tell about yourself, sell a service or product.
I will develop a site on Tilde for selling products. Setting up a catalog, receiving applications and payments to make it easier and more convenient for you to sell online.
I will create the design of the site/service/application and prepare the layout for development. Suitable if you already have a team of coders, or the design involves complex functionality that can not be implemented on Tilda.
I will develop a site on Tilda with a more complex structure of several pages. Suitable for companies that want to tell more about themselves and their services.
from 900$
from 1500$
from 1200$
I love traveling, foreign languages and volunteering! When I'm not working, I learn Turkish and English, part-time teach Turkish in an online school and help stray animals.
English В2
Turkish С1
One dog and 2 cats
Movies and series
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