personal website for a visual producer
One page website for community producer in Istanbul.
Development time: 21 days
What work was carried out?
Design concept
Alyona came with a request to make a minimalist website. Her positioning: Community producer, boutique events. Organizing private events in Istanbul. Does not work with everyone.
All competitors had impersonal template sites, so I suggested combining modern visuals to definitely stand out among the monotonous sites + backing up the visuals with meanings in the texts: succinct, unconventional, with humor.
We wanted to display a sense of boutique style, but without any pretentiousness. It was important to add a bit of rebellion to the minimalism to reflect Alena's personality. The target audience is HR, CEOs, top managers of large companies.
It was important to make the user want to go to the end and get to know the specialist better. That is, the site will become an extension of Alena, through the visuals and texts the personality will be read, which we achieved
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