Website for a psychologist from Italy
This is a personal website for a psychologist who lives in Rome, Italy.
Development time: 14 days
What work was carried out?
Brief information
The target action for the landing page is to sign up for a consultation. This project was implemented in two languages — Russian and Italian.
Audience and competitor analysis
And on the basis of the data I made conclusions, adjusted the structure, wrote out what ideas are worth taking into the project, and which are better not to repeat.
The task of the site was to make a neat, moderately austere, and most importantly, concise site, which will be user-friendly.
I did a detailed competitor analysis that included marketing, content, the technical side of the site, and user experience.
Design concept
I decided to do the design in the style of minimalism, to emphasize the positioning of the psychologist. Blue was chosen as a symbol of balance, tranquility, which correlates very favorably with the niche of psychology.
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