Website for hiking tours in Turkey
One-page website for the sale of exclusive tours on the Aegean coast in Turkey. The main product is the sale of tours and retreats. The site is implemented in English and Russian.
Development time: 35 days
What work was carried out?
Brief information
The main goal is to sell trips and retreats, to lead the user to book/purchase a trip, so that the user has the desire to write to the manager and leave a request.
Design concept
We decided not to go the classic ways and try something new, add graphics and animations. The key moment on the site was the person who walks around the mountains and leads the user to the target action.
A client turned to me for design of the site (before that they did it themselves)
Visually it was necessary to express enjoyment, a sense of uniqueness (author's tours), trust, security understanding that the customer deserves good service and care. Motivation to travel and discover new horizons.
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